Difficulty Viewing Cams?
Please review the information below.

Thank you for tuning in to our live cams.  We hope you enjoy watching and learning about our bears.  There are many variables that may impact your ability to view multiple cams at the same time. The Pond Cam and Ted Cam are “Pan – Tilt – Zoom” and require more of your computer’s resources to operate (Video, Speed and Memory).  If you encounter issues with viewing, we suggest you try the following:

Viewing on desktop/laptop:

  • Only operate one cam at a time.
  • Clear your cache. Click here for instructions.
  • Do not view in full screen.
  • Automatic updates/processes running behind the scene will impact your ability to view.
  • Close all other windows, tabs, and applications before opening cams.

Check your download speed by clicking here.  Note: Click the “Go” circle button.
Minimum download speed requirement is generally 6-8 mbps.

Viewing on cell phone/tablets:

  • Your Data Plan and phone configuration may impact your ability to stream consistently.
  • Cellular vs. Wi-Fi (note cellular service is designed to steam only one video at a time.)
  • Your cellular connectivity/signal may also effect video streaming.
  • Cellular speed will typically be slower than Internet speeds.