Honey (1996-2016)

Honey sitting pretty – May 2008

Honey was an important member of the Ambassador Bear team. She arrived at the North American Bear Center on April 28, 2007, along with Ted, with whom she had grown up.  Both Ted and Honey lived with a family in Wisconsin for many years.

Ted, Lucky, Holly, and Tasha all have their distinct roles in the social dynamics at the Bear Center, and so did Honey. She preferred to be alone and was content with herself.  Her cautiousness and personality endeared her to almost everyone. Honey approached caretakers with gentle grunts of acceptance and provided them with a different look into bear personality.  Once the caretakers began to learn and to read Honey’s body language, they began to understand and appreciate her very special personality. By learning to read her eyes, they understood her limits and worked within them.  Honey responded well to soft voices and eventually to gentle touches. Her owner told us that Honey fought going into hibernation, and that had certainly been found to be true. She was usually the last of the bears to go into a den.

Honey with red ball – Apr. 2010

As the oldest female bear at the NABC, Honey stood out not only because of her cautious nature but also because of her rich cinnamon coat.  This suggests that her heritage might have been from one of the western states where cinnamon-phase black bears are common

Honey was a very special bear who provided a wonderful opportunity to better understand bear behavior.   She enjoyed a good life at the NABC and helped educate thousands about the varied natures of bears.

Honey was 20 years old when she passed in 2016.  She was greatly loved and is missed by many. RIP, Honey–you will never be forgotten!