Whole Dog Journal (2)

Protecting your dog from physical and emotional harm demands you to be aware, alert, and proactive.

our lab just bit my husband while he was attempting to leash and was stopping him to go to our female lab which is on heat and she is just six months old and is already bleeding. why did he behave this way? we have had him as a pup given that final year feb and we got her this year in March. please advice and explain.

Outstanding job, Dr. Dog! Extremely thorough, correct, and helpful for a variety of dog aggression issues. You and I see eye-to-eye on these dog biting, dog aggression, and other dog behavior problems. Hopefully many dog owners will find you here… and also your impressive web site and ebooks. A lot of thanks for the hyperlinks.

Even dogs are susceptible to the common cold. The two groups of viruses which result in typical colds amongst dogs are parainfluenza virus and corona virus. Even so, even the adenovirus sort two can also infect dogs resulting colds. If you notice that your dog has symptoms of cold , make positive you treat it instantly. Otherwise, the cold can escalate to pneumonia or other chronic respiratory illnesses.

My lab is excellent as lengthy as he is in our fenced in backyard. Nevertheless, when we travel into open regions he has the tendency to wander away from me. Thankfully he’s very friendly so no 1 has gotten hurt, but I be concerned about the day when we walks up to a dog with a poor attitude.

When American Bulldog are secure in the expertise that they belong to the family, they are much more likely to respond much better to their owners’ training commands. Just like with any connection, there need to be mutual trust and respect amongst you and your American Bulldog.

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