Web design trends in 2019

The Internet has changed a lot during the last few years. Especially if you are looking at the design aspect of it. The look of websites is changing, to offer users a better experience. For 2019, we can distinguish a few unique trends in web-design, that you should be aware of. You have to if you don’t want to stand out from the competition.

What is popular this year? Clear and transparent websites, that are intentionally minimalistic and focused on passing through the most important info. A general rule of the thumb is, that the fewer clicks of the mouse button your user have to make to access product or information that is important to him, the better. This is perfectly going along with the first big thing that we are going to talk about!

Less is more

Web design companies at the moment are taking the minimalistic approach to their work. Having in mind two important rules of the minimalist – “less is more” and “doing more with less”. In summary, both could be boiled down to reduction whole design just to the essential functions. Without any redundant elements and functions.

Minimalism, along with the flat design approach is getting popular mainly because it’s the easy way of making your website look stylish. That’s why companies offering web design services have a bunch of fashionably elegant and sophisticated looking sites within their portfolio. 

And you couldn’t blame them – attention to detail, simplicity and good layout is making the content on site much easier to comprehend. 

In the era of being constantly flown by the information, the art of catching user attention by just the design of the site is extremely important and can help you stand out from the competition.

Brutalism and mindful design

Brutalism web design style is characterized by using the big typography. Often fonts are used to break the grid of the website and to contrast the color of the letters with the color of the background. Offering design, that is nearly screaming at the recipient.

On the other end of this spectrum, we have a mindful web design. This is a trend that is presenting the information to the user, by the use of graphic that is supposed to put them in a good mood. Give a sense of balance and stability.

Pagination is gone

Finally! I can’t stress this enough how It is making me happy. It’s 2019 and nobody is going to try aiming for the small arrow on the bottom of your screen.

This year is a year of a one-pagers. Taking inspiration from social media websites, the only thing that counts is dynamic loading during scrolling. 

Bauhaus is back

Modern design is reaping from the german and dutch ideas. Created way back when – in the 20′ of the last century. That was a time when the rules of sustainable design were invented. Nowadays, we have translated it into guidelines used to create good websites:

  • simplistic and readable information presentation
  • sans serif typography – often only one typeface is used for all website
  • simple photo
  • all design is on the grid
  • easy, geometric shapes

The foundation idea of Bauhaus is “Form follows function”. This is nearly perfect applicable to the whole process of web design. Mainly, because websites are rarely designed without having serving any function in mind. And the web designers knows, that what they made, have to be understandable and useful for the end users. Also, the machine esthetic of Bauhaus really goes along with the internet. Creating coherent and consistent vision.

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