The Best Natural Diets for Dogs

As a pet owner, you will want to give your dog good health. So, it’s important to think about a balanced natural diet. These diets can give your pet healthy skin and beautiful shiny coats. They also ensure to keep him healthy and happy. These diets also help your dog’s digestive problems such as gas, chronic diarrhea, as well as constipation. They are also beneficial for dogs with kidney, lover, and allergies problems. Read on this article if you are looking for a natural diet for your dog.

Freshness and Variety in Natural Diets for Dogs

  • Freshness

You can find many things in fresh food such as natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics. Remember that you shouldn’t cook the food at high heat. Otherwise, the nutrient may be reduced. Today, many vets suggest feeding dogs with fresh raw foods. It’s a great idea to make your dog food yourself. If you can’t do it, don’t feel bad. There is a wide range of other choices. For instance, you can feed your pet dry dog foods. At the same time, add fresh foods to his diets in order to improve the quality of his overall diet.

  • Variety

This is another important point to look at. In fact, your dog needs to eat a variety of foods every day. If you want to give him complete nutrition, it’s best to feed him a diverse diet. If you feed your dog the same food for a long time, he may have to face food sensitivities as well as allergies. So, it’s important to add different varieties to his diet regularly.

Main Ingredients in Natural Diets for Dogs

Here are some main ingredients you should consider in a good natural diet for your dog.

  • Protein

As you know, most dogs are trained to eat everything. This ingredient is important for both your dog’s muscle health but also strong immune system. Moreover, they are essential ingredients for his coat and skin. You should provide your dog with animal proteins. Though you can find proteins from grains and veggies, they are not essential proteins your dog needs.

  • Sources of Protein

Meat is a great source of many different nutrients to your dog, including proteins. There are some meats you should feed your dog such as beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, and pork. We suggest you considering larger chunks. They are easy to chew and tear. They are also better for your dog’s teeth. Besides meat, you can also find protein from other sources such as cottage cheese, eggs, fish, or yogurt.

  • Fat

Compared to people, dogs require a lot of fats. These ingredients help him to stay healthy. Also, they are important for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. In order to give your dog fats, add fatty acids to your dog’s diet. Once your dog gets enough fats, he gets the essential energy for his activities. Moreover, fats help him to stay well in the cold weather. There are some good sources of fats such as fish oils, meat, eggs, canned fish, and whole milk yogurt. Even for overweight dogs, they still need to get enough fats to stay healthy. The thing you need is just to feed them fewer foods.

  • Carbohydrates

Avoid feeding your dog a high-carb diet, it will be not easy to digest effectively. Also, this can cause gas as well as bowel irritations. Moreover, it makes his tools smelly. Too much fiber can lead to health problems to your dog such as arthritis, allergies, seizures, and so on. According to some vets, carbohydrates are a great source of energy for your dogs. But, it’s bad to feed your pet a high level. Many dogs love to eat vegetables that are great sources of vitamins as well as minerals. Don’t feed your dog too many vegetables. This can lead to body systems. You can feed your dog cooked vegetables, while some of them may be fed to him uncooked. Some types of vegetables you need to cook such as alfalfa sprouts, bell peppers, beets, celery, carrots, zucchini, cucumber, and fresh corn. In some cases, you can also let your dog chew uncooked carrots. This can be great for his teeth as well as gums. On the contrary, there are also some vegetables you need to cook before feeding your pet such as broccoli, peas, cauliflower, potatoes, and green beans.

Important Things to Remember

There are some important points you should keep in mind when preparing natural diets for your pet.

  • Pay attention to aiming for variety. It is important in building your dog the best balance of nutrients.
  • It’s best to look for organic foods.
  • If you don’t use organic vegetables as well as fruit, don’t forget to wash non-organic produce carefully.

Supplements for Natural Diets for Dogs

Besides the listed food ingredients above, you should also consider adding natural ingredients to your dog’s diet. One of the most important minerals you need to consider is calcium. If you don’t feed your dog any raw meaty bones, it’s essential to add supplements to your dog’s diet. Also, eggshells should be added to his diets. There are some other supplements you can add to your dog’s meal such as essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, vitamin A, B, and E.


Most of the dog owners want to feed their pets the most healthy diets as well as natural diets.  You know, there are a lot of dog foods that aren’t nutritious as we hope. There are many benefits your dog can get from a natural and fresh diet such as disease prevention, weight management, age-defying, canine cognitive function improvement, as well as a beauty aid. It’s best to make yourself a diet with meat and vegetables. They can meet the nutritional needs of your dog. Make ones with no animal by-products, no artificial chemicals, no fillers, and no preservatives. Instead, feed your dog more nutrients. They can give your furry friend a much healthier look just after a few days.

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