Some Tips for Keeping Ornamental Fish in the Aquarium

Keeping ornamental freshwater fish as pets in an aquarium needs some tips for them to live strong, healthy, and alive. Look at, an online store to keep aquarium up-to-date.

Here are some tips we can share:

  1. Selection of fish

Fish that will live in the same tank should be chosen according to their type and character.

Some fish belong to special sociable fish. They can live with other fish of the same or different species because they belong to the same level. On the other hand, another type of fish like predators prefers to be kept individually. If you mistakenly mix these different characters in the same tank then the tank will become a death camp.

  1. Water quality

Water quality plays an essential role in fish life. About 90% of survival fish is determined by the quality of the water supplying sufficient oxygen, pH (ranging from 6.8 to 7.5), no poisonous chemicals, etc.

Make sure that the water circulation and aeration in the aquarium work well and can add more oxygen in the water with a bubble pump if needed. You may not use the bubble pump, and continue to circulate the water and aeration work properly instead of keeping fish living happy.

Well managed water quality allows fish to live healthier and longer.

  1. Food

Fish need food to live on, but their availability in water should not be excessive as they will have another problem on a fish.

Fish food contains protein and if the fish can not eat all of this then it deposits on the bottom of the tank. Deposits will sooner or later create methane gas that is poisonous to fish.

Feed the fish on just enough food. You should know how much food you have given or how much time to food stay in the tank. If any residue remains too long (more than 15 minutes) in the tank, it will sink to the bottom and this means that too much food is given.

Do not worry about your fish is lacking in food as long as you can keep the water quality in an ideal location. The quality of water as mentioned above is more important for the survival of fish with regard to food availability. Fish can survive in the tank for a week without food supplies until they live in quality water but will soon die if they live in poor water quality with plentiful food.

  1. Ornamental plants

Only small fish can live with live ornamental plants, but not large carnivores. So if you want to grow ornamental natural plants in your tank with ornamental fish you may want to consider Tetra (there are some species of this genus).

Certainly we need more equipment to be installed as a CO2 sink, ultraviolet lamp required by green plants to grow in a healthy way.

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