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The Dodo (better referred to as The Dumb Dumb) is a click baity, Buzzfeed-esque blog that attracts unsuspecting readers with the guarantee of cutesy-titled videos of feel-very good, animal-centered, saccharine content. The takeaway message of this post is to by no means believe a news story’s claim about some fascinating exotic animal sighting (or an animal rights group’s claim that evil exotic animal owners are setting them free of charge) until there is absolute proof and confirmation of it. Right here is one more story of a false cougar sighting in Lyden, Washington, 2012.

The recent ‘python hunt’ has possibly put a damper on their populations, the ‘massive’ count of snakes captured totaling 68. There are fairly a few species of exotic pets living in Florida as properly as domesticated animals and pet birds, numerous intentionally released species, some escape via the agricultural business, hundreds of exotic plants the region is heavily infested at this point.

If something, the commitment that individuals have to believing that all domesticated animals are ‘easy’ pets and are the only animals that must be kept as pets is indirectly contributing to the mistreatment and understated issues that exist with the keeping of them.

In an interview, Tedrowe advised that in circumstances in which existing exotic pets are grandfathered in, Wisconsin lawmakers must need owners to have a minimum five acres of land, have at least two years’ encounter caring for such an animal or pass a written exam on caring for the species.

The city of West Bend, Wisconsin passed an ordinance against exotic pets right after a resident was seen walking the streets with a huge snake about his neck, and Muskego, Wisconsin produced a comparable ordinance soon after a wallaby attack injured two kids.

There are fish kept in tanks as well modest (check out the typical beta bowl practice), dogs left in backyards that are not provided with adequate mental stimulation (canine behavioral difficulties are surely not new), and parrots (technically exotic pets) that can easily live to be 100 that are purchased on a whim and are kept on common seed diets that will in the end shorten that lifespan to about 50 years of negative health and inadequate socialization.

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