I Think My Boss Must Be Crazy

I guess that maybe my boss has some sort of plan for me, although he had me fooled about this for a long time. I was getting my desk cleaned up for the weekend last Friday when he came past and told me that he was going to send me to some small business seo services training for the advertising budget. It is not like I really understand the purpose of it all or any of the reasoning behind his decision, but I suspect it has something to do with the meltdown that their little golden boy had a couple of weeks ago. They hired this guy about six months ago and from the very beginning it was obvious that they had decided to groom him for high office. He had really great qualifications from college, in fact he was a real stud at this stuff, but when it came time for him to actually do what they were paying him to do, the guy did not really make it out of the starting gates.

At any rate this means that they have to make a new plan and apparently they think they can just make me into the person that they need. The punch line is this, they do not want me to stop doing my regular job and they have not offered to pay me more to do an extra job on top of it. I did not laugh at them and I did not start acting crazy, but I did not really pause on my way to start looking for a new job. It is obvious that these people are simply crazy and do not really understand the limits to how much you get from the sort of paycheck that they have been handing me every week.

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