How to Care of Your Newborn Kittens?

The kittens that are 1-2 weeks old are extremely fragile, requiring a lot of daily care. Unfortunately, some of them are already born dead. So the pet owners worry a lot about the other ones, their health and well-being. We want them to avoid getting cold, keeping our dear pets warm, ensuring the proper feeding and thinking about the right toileting habituation.

Quite naturally, if the mother cat is together with her babies, she will definitely care for them, However, when the little kittens are abandoned, they may require immediate help. Newborn kittens that are younger than 1 week old, are to be kept in a warm room. The temperature of 88-93° F is to be provided. A warm blanket or a heating pad can be used for this purpose. Additionally, avoid drafts. A large carton or cardboard box is suitable to become a cozy place for the whole pet family. Use some soft, warm lining for bedding, place the carton under the bed or behind the sofa, and instinct helps the animals to find this quiet spot.

If any case of bacterial infection or parasitic disease, like toxoplasmosis, is suspected, consult your veterinarian. Ask the questions about kittens’ care, the proper nutrition and living conditions. By the way, if you call a local animal shelter, asking them for assistance, a surrogate mother can be provided to feed your helpless cat babies.

If you still decide to ensure bottle feeding, use a nursing bottle or an eye-dropper. Place is between the kitten’s jaws and promote sucking. The kittens are to be placed on tummies, lying within the cartons or on your knees.

If the cat mother is available, provide extra feeding for her. Leave water, food and a cat litter box in the rooms. If you have many kittens, for example, 5or 6, check that all of them are nursing.

When the Mom doesn’t clean up her babies, as she usually does by licking them, help your pet kittens urinate. Gently rub them with a wet, soft and clean washcloth around the tummy, promoting defection or urination. Dry the kitten off immediately after the manipulation, wash the cloth and proceed with the next kitten. The cat litter box is to be used in about a month. Encourage your kittens to use it, placing them inside and leaving each one there for several minutes after every meal.

Finally, if any problems arise, call a veterinary, asking for assistance. The professional will provide the necessary help or gives you a piece of good advice.

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