Getting a Luxury Apartment Was a Better Choice Than Buying a House

Can you imagine getting married and your first house having a large swimming pool with sparkling clear water, having granite countertops in your modern kitchen and even having your own coffee cafe? You would probably think you would need a trust fund to afford something like that. Well, my wife and I have regular jobs and we can afford it. We did it by choosing to lease at Atlanta Midtown Apartments instead of buying a house. You can get a lot more for the portion of your monthly income you put toward housing if you get an apartment.

I have some friends who bought houses only to have to sell them because their careers required them to move. I suppose if you are planning to stay where you are at for the long term, then getting a house makes sense. However, most people our age will likely move a few times in their careers. Leasing a luxury apartment makes more sense to us. We can have the things we like now such as a big swimming pool, fitness center, chef-inspired kitchen, and more. If we bought a house, we would have to be much more conservative with our living.

We get more living space and much more in the way of amenities by choosing to lease a luxury apartment. We picked the Atlanta Midtown Apartments as it is very close to where we both work, and it has all of the features we want in a home. Even my frugal dad told me that it was a good move at this point in our lives to lease instead of buy. He said that our jobs are very likely going to require relocation a few times, and leasing is the easiest way to get the most for our housing money. He reminded me of when we had to move for his work. Him and Mom would be paying two mortgages while one house sold and they bought another somewhere else.