Exotic Reptiles Of Florida

Andy Carlson, who has volunteered at Valley of the Kings for about 20 years, leans in to speak to a tiger living at the sanctuary in Sharon. Similarly, in Kent , the court also held that the rational nexus amongst the exotic pet ban and public safety was adequate to not violate Kent’s substantive due approach rights, despite the reality that Kent was technically deprived of his house considering that he owned the lion prior to the enactment of the ordinance.

Debbie Leahy, manager of captive wildlife protection at the Humane Society of the United States, said that it is less complicated for a person in Wisconsin to own a dangerous exotic animal, such as a tiger, than to own a native animal, like a white-tailed deer.

I believe an aspect you are missing is where these animals are coming from and who are they going to. Many exotic pet breeders and importers are strictly in it for the profit which can lead to an unhealthy animal and many people do not do enough study into what variety of animal is best suited to their house.

The difference in between an exotic mammal that has been hand-raised and has enjoyed continued human interaction will be a fundamentally various pet from a ‘parent-raised’ animal or an animal that has received small exposure to humans throughout its life.

It enumerates a lengthy list of prohibited species by their scientific and widespread names, which includes the standard exotic pets like tigers, primates, and wolves, as well as some far more obscure animals such as scaly anteaters, stingrays, and pandas, to name just a few.

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