Diamond Dog Food Coupon Code: Why water is a part of your dog’s nutritional needs

As dog lovers and owners, you would surely try to give the best for your dog. Aside from sending your pet to a vet for checkups or vaccine, you also send him to the salon, buy clothes, provide shelter and of course, you feed him well. If you can do all those tasks, then it means that you are a responsible owner. Therefore, it is guaranteed that your dog will pay you back for your love, care and kindness. This is supposed to be the setting for every dog and its owner, right?

Among your responsibilities as dog owners, the most important thing is to feed him properly. This means that you should be able to feed him with nutritious food as well as giving him enough clean water to drink. You can go to the market or pet shops any time to buy your dog some kibble with natural and healthy ingredients, anyway. And then, to avail discounts, you have to bring your coupon code. In fact, you can get some printable coupons online at https://kibblecoupons.com/diamond/.

It is true that you often give your pets nutritious kibble dog food, but you must also satisfy their thirst. You should not let your dog suffer from dehydration, especially during summer, where water is needed badly. Of course, like human beings, dogs also need to drink clean water, so do not just give water, which you do not even know if safe for drinking. By the way, why do you think water is important as a part of a dog’s nutritional needs?

Why is water beneficial to your dog’s health?

Dogs eat both dry and wet foods, so after eating, they need to drink water, too. Imagine yourself, eating foods without even drinking any or enough liquid. Are the foods easily digested? You would surely have problems about how the food is digested. So, can you see how water is beneficial to your digestive system? The same thing is true for your dog, so it would be best to give enough water for drinking.

Aside from that, water will also help the body in absorbing the nutrients and minerals that they can get from the food. When the food is absorbed, the water will now be in-charged with sending these nutrients to the cells of his body. Therefore, allowing him to develop strong and healthy muscles.

It is also very important for your dog to keep and maintain his body temperature as well as to keep him safe from dehydration. This will only happen through the aid of the water. And then, if your dog has enough water drank every day, then this dog will find it easier to move because the water also acts like grease that makes the joints movable and not to lock up.

How much water are you supposed to give to your dog?

It was already mentioned how beneficial water is to your dog, but this would not only be your basis. Now, you need to know how much water you need to give him. This one is a bit confusing because of breed concerns. It’s not only that because you must also consider his daily activities, size, age and the weather in your area.

According to the standard rules, you have to give 8 – 16 ounces of clean water to a dog, weighing 10 pounds. For example, if he weighs 20 pounds, then he must have at least 16 – 32 ounces of water every day to keep him hydrated. Now, if he is very active doing all the playing and running stuffs, then he is required to have more.

Is your dog suffering from dehydration?

As dog owners, you should be able to find out when your dog is dehydrated because this needs immediate treatment. You can observe that your dog has sticky gums and a bit of dry eyes. And then, you may also notice that the skin is getting dry, too.

With those mild indications, you need to be very alert. Give your dog water and encourage him to drink as soon as possible. For severe dehydration, where your dog will start vomiting or having diarrhea, it is recommended to bring your dog to a vet for treatment.

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