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Whilst there are numerous introduced species in the United States, not all can be regarded as invasive. In our ‘balanced’ documentary, exotic pet owners are constantly hammered upon by these two know-nothings Dr. Beth Everyday, professor and ‘pioneer’ of a new field referred to as anthrozoology, and Dr. Ron Orenstein, an author and ‘conservationist’ who possesses a PhD in ornithology.

Ben Kerns, author of this brilliant piece , lists random exotic animals, such as servals, whom he says enjoy roaming (simply because domesticated cats don’t, proper?) and fennec foxes, whom he gets to make a decision are not suited for suburban living with zero evidence.

Apart from, if you do not have the guts to take care of an exotic animal that can kill you, then you can just as very easily opt for an exotic pet that will just sit there and look cool for all your guests to fawn more than or run away from, depending on what you determine to get.

Furthermore, a persuasive critique of the quite concept of pet ownership in the context of domestic animals has challenged the possessive assumptions of the term pets.” As the animal protection group In Defense of Animals states, By disavowing the concept and accompanying language of animal ownership, we can reconstruct the social and legal relationship in between humans and animals.” Guardian Campaign Brochure , In Defense of Animals, available at (final accessed Aug.

Owners who like to snuggle and hold their pets for extended periods might want to turn owning a genet down—they just are not mentally constructed for it. Genets are extremely skittish and hate to be restrained by humans, and the final issue any particular person needs to worry about is their neighbor’s genet attacking them.

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