Celebrities And Their Exotic Pets, Is It Wrong?

Exotic pet bans are unfair, unnecessary, and are frequently enforced by towns, states, and cities due to ignorant hysteria about anything individuals locate abnormal. On pages that discuss the horrors that exotic pet keeping has wrought in our society, you will see large lists of ailments that are claimed to be spread by exotic pet owners, presenting an illusion that non-exotic pets are ‘clean and safe’ to own in comparison.

Wanggaard has mentioned the measure was partially inspired by reports of a lion-like creature close to Milwaukee, believed to be an escaped or released exotic pet , and a 2013 incident in which police and the Racine Zoo found rattlesnakes, alligators, crocodiles, a snapping turtle and a Gila monster in a Kenosha home.

Humans have brought these populations beneath their care for a wide range of factors: to make food or worthwhile commodities (such as wool, cotton, or silk), for assist with various kinds of operate (such as transportation or protection), for protection of themselves and livestock, and to take pleasure in as pets or ornamental plants.

Apart from becoming challenged for discriminating among classifications of exotic pet owners and domestic pet owners, regulations have also been challenged for discriminating between private pet ownership and other possessions of wild animals for research and educational purposes.

Men and women might have chosen a particular set of pets that are ‘acceptable’ to hold based on their usual temperaments, but a frequent illusion present is that this is somehow much more ethical than selecting what is regarded as an alternative pet.

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