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Exotic animals for is a website devoted to supplying a spot for sellers to post classified ads for a extremely exclusive clientele. In truth, if you use Big Cat Rescue’s statistics what I say nonetheless rings other issue that you have to think about is that most exotic pet deaths take place with folks who have taken an occupational hazard and are involved with (or own) the animal.

Here’s an unrelated but extremely exciting news write-up from Reuters – September 9, 2011, El Paso, Texas – A female tiger has killed her mate at a West Texas zoo, authorities stated on Friday, in a uncommon attack that came following months of simmering jealousy in a feline adore triangle.

Moreover, the decision to adopt a sugar glider will influence your life not because it will become a burden to you, but due to the fact it will be one thing that will strengthen your love for animals and your wonderful want to save these gliding possums who are regarded as exotic animals.

But advocacy groups like Born Cost-free USA and the Planet Wildlife Fund say that captive breeding of endangered species by private owners—whether for industrial, conservation, or educational reasons—serves only to perpetuate a thriving market place for exotic animals.

By way of public education and advocacy, The Wildcat Sanctuary strives to promote a positive perception of these animals as properly as the understanding to comprehend just how in depth the captivity crisis is and why these wild animals do not make very good pets.

Similarly, some human diseases can be hazardous for particular animals (like strep throat ). The American Veterinary Medical Association, the U.S. Division of Agriculture, the National Animal Control Association, the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and the CDC all discourage the private ownership of specific exotic animals.

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